You don’t decide your unique purpose, you discover it. And that never happens alone.  It’s time to discover the uniqueness in you and release that into the world. Ready to explore?


What is Flatirons College?

At Flatirons College, students invest in their academic development, while we invest in their spiritual formation all in the context of a collaborative and Christ-centered community.


The Flatirons Experience

Discover your purpose at the base of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, immersed in a thriving church, with staff and community championing God’s unique purpose in You. It’s an adventure in every way.

Explore Colorado

Vibrant downtown city life, majestic mountain ranges, lakes and everything in between.

Build Community

Cultivate a lifelong network of relationships that enhance your life and ministry.

Grow Your Faith

Lower the noise around you and in you and grow your connection to God.